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As Dokkan Battle finishes celebrating its 5th anniversary, Bandai-Namco is busy preparing another major celebration: the 350 million downloads.

As it does every year at the end of August, Dokkan Battle combines reaching download milestones with a series of worldwide events. For players, the 350 million is the source of many questions. Here’s some information about this grand celebration.

A little wait for the 350 Million Dokkan Battle

After the 5-year marathon on the Global and a series of attractive portals for the Japanese version, players will have the opportunity to let their wallets rest for a few weeks. But, as you can imagine, the road is full of dangers for anyone who wants to keep a few DS.

Global version

Dokkan Batle

As early as August 9, we should welcome the announcement of the « Kefla » banner.
The content should arrive around August 11th, to take over most of the content we already know. Specifically:

  • A Dokkan Festival (around August 11th).
  • A Universe 6 Story Event.
  • 2 more levels for Infinite Dragon Ball History
  • Login Campain etc.

Plus, we should have some surprises, with maybe:

  • The arrival of the « Chain Battle »
  • The addition of the missing Extreme Battle Road on the global.

Be careful not to use all of your precious stones!

Japanese Version

In the land of the rising sun, the celebration « Move well and play well! Summer Dokkan Campaign » has already taken over. It started in a big way on 31 July with the arrival of the excellent Gohan Ultime.

Then, it is on August 13 that the doubled rate « Waifu » banner will be added to the game. Finally, the various pieces of information suggest that the campaign will end on August 21.

Dokkan 350 Millions

Which theme for the 350 Million Dokkan Battle?

Let’s end the suspense. The 350 million celebration will probably be Buu Saga-centered. Indeed, in addition to the recent arrival of Ultimate Gohan on the Japanese version, the global had also benefited from the release of the DDF « Goku SSJ3 x Majin Vegeta ». Last clue, you may have noticed the return of some Buu arc-related events that will only end in October (at the end of the 350 million).

Dokkan Battle 350 Millions
Visual of Buu’s Saga for Dragon Ball Kai

After the Namek Saga with MF Goku and Frieza for the 250 Millions, and the Cell Saga in 2019 carried by LR Gohan & Cell ; the 350M thus closes this long series which will have faithfully respected the chronology of the major Dragon Ball sagas.

What are the milestones of the celebration?

Dokkan Battle is set like music paper. We can easily forecast the main steps of the celebration in relation to the dates we already have.

Nota: these are estimates!

  • August 21: End of the Japanese summer celebration.
  • August 21: Countdown campaign. Like last year we should have 1 week of teasing with a dedicated « bonus login ».
  • August 28th – 29th: Launch of the first part of the 350 million.
  • August 31st: Double Dokkan Fest.
  • September 13: Part 2 of the 350 million.
  • September 15: Legendary portal.

Will there be a Ticket Banner ?

Certainly. As for the 300 million celebration, it should be available as early as August 21 (at the time of the countdown). However, be careful, the tickets will probably be distributed at the same time as the 1st part, 1 week later.

As a reminder, each year, players are offered 1 ticket for every 50 DS spent during a given period (generally over 12 months, including anniversary).

What content can we expect?

The core of the celebration should remain relatively classic with new levels of Infinite Dragon Ball History and BattleRoad. There should also be several Story Events with maps at Farm.
But we should also have a new « Global vs Japan » showdown with rewards and collaborative missions (see below).

How many DS will be offered?

For the 300 million download celebration we were able to collect a total of almost 1000 DS. This result includes the livestream (remember the tile-breaking…) as well as the Tops Grossing.
So this year we should receive an equivalent number of Dragon Stones. However, due to the current situation, there is no guarantee that we will be able to have a Live once again. Check back around August 17th.

New features?

It’s kind of a celebration gimmick. Every year, the « x Millions » celebrations bring an original idea, like the MF cards for the 250 million or the switch mechanics last year. We can therefore dream of a new gameplay feature for the characters of the 350 million campaign

The global should benefit quite quickly from version 4.11 (probably just before the countdown). In addition to pushing important changes on the links, it also seems to bring new features concerning the handling of collaborative missions.
We hope therefore a more interesting integration of collaborative missions in Dokkan Battle.

Finally, with the recent buffs, many expect the difficulty to be increased, but this remains very hypothetical for the moment.

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle (ドラゴンボールZ ドッカンバトルDoragon bōru zetto: Dokkan batorulittéralement « Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle ») est un jeu vidéo mobile de combat développé par Akatsuki Inc. et édité par Bandai Namco Games sur smartphones (Android, iOS), sorti en 2015. Le jeu est classé dans la catégorie « Top rentable » et connait une immense popularité à l’échelle internationale.

D-15 before the countdown 350 Millions

While waiting for the release of the next VJUMP which should reveal some additional information, do not hesitate to leave your comments! What do you expect from the Dokkan 350 Million celebration?